-  type of school: Middle school

- size: 456 students

- scope of work:  Maths, Science, Social Sciences, Arts, Sports and basic skills including reading, writing, speaking and listening both in native language and in the target language

- areas of specific expertise: as well as academic areas the school has many successes in sports (basketball, football, table tennis, chess, futsal, etc.)

 - specific social context: the school is located uptown on a hill. There are some villages in the neighbourhood. There is a shopping mall and a mosque nearby. There is a canteen inside our school and a stationary where the students can supply their needs in the school garden. The parents are mostly civil cervants (average families). The school is in contact with Bartın University. The students join the competitions organised by Bartın University.

- the quality system used: the school was chosen as the best in Total Quality Management (TQM) in Turkey, in 2003. text or insert images or tables, if necessary.

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