Zespół Szkół nr 2
Szkoła Podstawowa nr 3
Stefana Żeromskiego

The school is situated in Reda, a town between Gdańsk and the Hel Peninsula, about 20 kilometres from Gdynia.  41 teachers work in the school with 506 pupils in attendance (2016/2017) There are two gyms and the third, new, big sports hall. The most successful team is a volleyball team. A lot of pupils love playing volleyball.

The school is not very big, so the pupils are not anonymous.

Over recent years the school has developed partnerships with schools in many European countries

The school has got its pet – a stork. There is a nest on the school chimney and every year, for a few months, a stork family lives there.

A famous Polish writer, Stefan Żeromski, is the patron of the school.

Teachers help children with dyslexia, using a multisensory, structured language approach. Children receive help to read and write well.

The school:        ZS 2 SP3 Reda

School website: www.zs2.reda.pl

                    Hello from Poland!

84-240  Reda POLAND
Brzozowa 30
phone: +48 58 678 30 89

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